Preregistration Survey Information

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Prior to each registration period, all students will be prompted via email to complete a preregistration survey. This information is required to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act to help protect students from identity theft and to assist local and University officials in responding during safety emergencies. All students are required to provide the University with the following information:

  • Enrollment Plans

  • Verification of local, off-campus address (for students who do not live on campus)

  • Local/cell phone number

  • Primary emergency contact with full address and phone number

When prompted, students must complete this survey by the specified deadline in order to ensure registration eligibility for the upcoming term. To complete the survey, follow the steps below.

  1. Log on to the and click the Banner link.
  2. Go to Student Self Service Card and use the hover menu to select Registration.
  3. Click Preregistration Survey. 
  4. The survey will appear on the next screen. You are required to verify your contacts, address and phone numbers prior to completing the survey.
  5. To verify your contact information, click the “Personal Information” tab and choose the appropriate links to view/edit your information.
  6. After verifying your contact information, return to the survey by clicking the “Student Services” tab and the “Preregistration Survey” link.  (Steps 2 & 3).
  7. Answer the required survey questions and click the “Submit Selection” button when complete. 
  8. Once you submit your answers, be sure the next screen states that you have successfully completed the survey. This screen will also indicate if any errors have occurred.