uAchieve Degree Audit Guide

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This document is your guide to our Degree Audit. If you have a question or problem, please submit it to our online help request form.

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  1. Navigating to the Degree Audit
  2. Requesting an Audit
  3. Completed Audit Results
  4. Anatomy of an Audit
  5. Reading an Audit
  6. Course History


Navigating to the Degree Audit

  1. Open a web browser of your choice and navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Lehigh user ID (abc123) and password.


Requesting an Audit

After logging in, you will be on the “Request an Audit” page. Here you can run an audit for your declared major or run a “What-if” audit for a different program of interest.

  1. To request the audit for the currently declared major(s), simply click the “Run Declared Programs” button. 
    Request an audit
  2. To request a “What-if” audit, click “Select a Different Program” to begin making “What-if” selections. Options include all current degree programs and catalog years. 

Request what-if audit


Completed Audit Request

After you request your audit, the previous and current audits run will be displayed. Each line signifies a different audit, and the most recent request will be at the top. Select “View Audit” to see the audit you just requested.

Completed audit requests


Anatomy of an Audit

At the top of the audit, you will see your information including your degree program, audit run date, catalog year, and estimated graduation date. Below this, there are tabs for the Audit Results (the main page of the audit) and Course History (displays all of the courses by term that you have taken. See Course History for additional details).

Audit Header

Below the student information are interactive graphs summarizing your academic progress. There are four different graphs. You can hover your cursor over each graph for more information.

Audit Charts and Graphs

Total Hours: Charts progress towards the total hours needed to complete the degree program
Cumulative GPA: Due to the complexity of each individual degree program at Lehigh, this feature is not utilized. See Overall GPA Requirement in body of audit for the cumulative GPA. 
Requirements Graph: Charts progress towards the total hours necessary in the degree requirements categories (this graph allows you to click and navigate into the requirements and sub-requirements). 
Requirements GPA Graph: Due to the complexity of each individual degree program at Lehigh, this feature is not utilized.

The body of the audit will default to the closed position to give you an overview of the audit. If you want to see the complete audit with requirement details, you can select the “Open All Sections” option. You can also open the individual sections by clicking the triangle next to each requirement.
Open all sections

You will see the following symbols next to each requirement and sub-requirement: 

green check mark
Complete requirements/sub-requirements 
In-progress requirements/sub-requirements
Red X
Incomplete requirements/sub-requirements

The interactive audit allows you to focus on a specific requirement by clicking on the requirement in the Requirements Graph. The image below is an example after clicking the “Major” category from the Requirements Graph

Major requirements from the audit


Reading an Audit

The image below provides an overview of the components of an audit.

Reading an audit


Course History

The “Course History” tab allows you to view your academic history. This list can be sorted by Year, Course, Hours, Grade, and Title, and can be filtered by Year and Grade. In addition, there is a graph indicating earned hours and GPA by semester. You can click on a bar in this graph to see course history from that specific term.

Course History