Faculty/Staff Guides

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The guides listed below are to assist you with your processes. If you have questions please contact our office at ras@lehigh.edu.

A basic introduction to Argos as well as a list of Argos reports developed by RAS.

This guide shows you how to view the class roster for a given course and semester.

This guide is for advisors who need to access their advisee's alternate PINs.

This guide provides a list of acceptable grades and instructions on how to assign them.

This guide provides information on how to create a login to access Banner for new faculty.

This guide explains the process of revising the catalog for a given semester.

This guide shows how to search for a class through banner using connect.lehigh.edu, for faculty and staff who need to find a specific class.

  • Degree Audit

These guides explain how to use Lehigh’s degree audit systems, uAchieve and Degree Works.

This guide explains FERPA; the policy that governs the use of some personal data.

  • Registration Permission Overrides

If you aren't sure on the type of course overrides to issue, below is a list of types of course overrides. The following guides describe the process to grant course overrides for faculty, department heads, and coordinators. 

This guide describes how to enter the data needed for the schedule of classes processes.