Transfer Credit Policy

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The Office of the Registrar is the final authority for all matters pertaining to transfer credit. Individuals seeking transfer credit should refer to the appropriate sections listed below.  To receive credit, official transcripts must be submitted to: Office of the Registrar, 27 Memorial Drive West, Suite 011, Bethlehem, PA 18015. Students can see awarded transfer credit by viewing their unofficial transcript online through Banner.

Students can expect college credit to transfer in one of the following ways:

  • Specific Lehigh course number (ex. PSYC 001): The course materials have been reviewed and the course has been deemed equivalent to a Lehigh course.
  • 099 course number with a department subject code (ex. ART 099): The course may not be a direct match to a Lehigh course OR might not be needed for the student’s planned area of study. The credit is approved to transfer as an elective in a Lehigh discipline and may be assigned a distribution attribute, such as humanities or social science.
  • UNIV 099: The course is approved to transfer as elective credit toward the degree, but does not meet any other requirements.
  • No credit awarded: The course is not equivalent to the Lehigh curriculum and is not eligible for transfer credit.

Incoming Students

Transfer Credit Process for Incoming Students

Lehigh University is excited that you are considering transferring to our esteemed institution. We want you to know that we understand the importance of recognizing your previous academic achievements. Our transfer credit process is designed to evaluate your prior coursework, ensuring your transition is as smooth as possible by maximizing the credit you've previously earned.

How It Works:

1. Initial Inquiry:
After being accepted through the Office of Admissions, students who have external credit they want considered for transfer should reach out to the Admissions Office by emailing

2. Documentation:
As part of the transfer credit evaluation, students should expect to submit the syllabi for the courses they wish to transfer. This allows our academic evaluators to thoroughly assess the content and nature of your previous coursework.

3. Eligibility Confirmation:
The Registrar's Office will review the provided documentation to confirm that the previous institution meets Lehigh University's eligibility requirements for transfer credits. This step ensures that the external institution meets Lehigh’s standards.

4. Departmental Evaluation:
Following eligibility confirmation, the appropriate academic department will conduct a detailed evaluation of the course content. It's important to note that, to maintain objectivity, departments are provided only with the course content and not with information about the external institution or instructor. Please note that at certain times of the year there may be a delay due to high numbers of transfer evaluations, but a thorough evaluation is needed to ensure students’ success as they progress through their academic career at Lehigh.


Tips for a Smooth Process:

  • Thorough Documentation: Provide comprehensive syllabi for all courses you wish to transfer, ensuring that the content is clear and detailed.

  • Timely Submission: Promptly submit all required documentation as soon as possible to expedite the evaluation process.

  • Communication: Stay in touch with the Admissions Office for updates and inquiries regarding your transfer credit evaluation.

  • Prepare for Success: Familiarize yourself with Lehigh University's academic standards to better understand the eligibility criteria for transfer credits.


Contact Us:

For any questions or assistance regarding the transfer credit process, feel free to contact the Registrar's Office at or call us 610-758-3200. We are here to help you make a smooth transition to Lehigh University.

Welcome to a new chapter in your academic journey at Lehigh University!


Current Students

Current Students Pre-Approval Process
If you are currently enrolled at Lehigh University and are considering taking courses at another institution for transfer credit, it's crucial to follow the pre-approval process. This ensures that you receive proper guidance and confirmation before investing time and effort in external coursework.
Steps to Obtain Pre-Approval:
1. Consult Your Academic Advisor:
Before exploring external courses, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss your academic goals and ensure that the intended transfer credit aligns with your degree requirements.
2. Gather Information:
Collect detailed information about the courses you plan to take at the external institution. This includes syllabi, course descriptions, and any other relevant documentation that will help the appropriate academic department assess the content.
3. Submit Pre-Approval Request:
Complete the pre-approval request form available through the Registrar's Office website. This form typically requires information about the external institution, course details, and the reason for seeking transfer credit.
4. Departmental Review:
The appropriate academic department will carefully review the information you've provided. They will assess whether the courses meet Lehigh University's academic standards and contribute to your overall degree progress.
5. Receive Confirmation:
Once the department has reviewed the request, you will receive the signed form back. This signed form serves as an assurance that the proposed courses are eligible for transfer credit upon successful completion. Please note, failure to complete the course with the minimum grade of C or higher for transfer credit will result in the Registrar’s Office rejecting the transfer credit once the official transcript is received. 
6. Send the Form:
Send a copy of the approved form to Although you should always maintain a copy of the documentation of the pre-approval confirmation, the Registrar’s Office needs this completed form to ensure a smooth transfer process.
7. Send an Official Transcript
Upon completion of the course, you must send Lehigh an official transcript with grades from the other institution. Electronic transcripts may be emailed to directly from the other institution. Please note that electronic transcripts may not be forwarded from a student. Transcripts may also be mailed or hand-delivered to the Registrar’s Office in a sealed envelope.
Why Pre-Approval Matters:
  • University Policy: Lehigh’s academic policies require pre-approval of transfer coursework for current students before it is taken.
  • Avoid Surprises: Pre-approval ensures that you are aware of the potential transfer credits before investing time and resources in external courses.
  • Stay on Track: Getting confirmation from your academic advisor helps you stay on track with your degree requirements, preventing delays in graduation.

Graduate Students

Current and Incoming Graduate Students
Current and incoming graduate students seeking transfer credit must complete the Graduate Course Credit Transfer Petition and obtain approval from the advisor, Department Chair, and Associate Dean prior to submitting the paperwork to the Registrar's Office. Graduate students should carefully review the policies listed on the front and back of the petition form prior to requesting transfer credit.