Exam Schedule

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Our office creates the exam schedules manually each semester. Often, these schedules cannot be finalized until registration is over after the second week of class. Once the schedules are completed, they are posted below.

Common Hour Exams

Common hour exams are provided for at the request of the instructor for courses in which the combined enrollment of all sections is at least 100 students, at least two of the sections do not have a common meeting time, and a common exam will be administered to all students enrolled. The exam schedule is typically posted to our website by the start of the semester.


Spring 2024 Common Hour Exam Schedule   


Final Exams

Final exam time is provided for at the request of the instructor; not all instructors request a Registration & Academic Services scheduled exam during the final exam period. Students should wait to make end of semester travel arrangements until they know when their final exams will be scheduled. The final exam schedule is typically posted to our website by the 6th week of the semester.  


          Spring 2024 Final Exam Schedule 


Make-up Examinations

Make-up examinations may, upon petition to the faculty, be granted in the case of unavoidable absence from a final examination in any course. A make-up also may be granted if a student is scheduled for three examinations in a calendar day. A petition to take one of these exams during the make-up period must be submitted to the Dean of Students no later than one week following the publication of the examination schedule.

Exam Violation Reporting

Students who believe that their exam has violated the Faculty Rules & Procedures are able to report that violation by sending an email to ras@lehigh.edu.  Your identity will be kept confidential from the faculty member whom you are reporting, but your name and email address will be collected for reporting purposes for use by the Dean, Associate Dean, and/or the appropriate entities designated by the Associate Dean of the college in which the violation you are reporting is associated.