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Undergraduate FormsA photo of an old book.

  • Dual Degree Petition
    Complete this petition to request a dual degree program.  Note that a semester by semester plan must be attached.

  • First-Year Approval of Transfer Credit 
    Incoming first-year students wishing to transfer college credit taken while in high school must complete this form and obtain signatures from the Registrar's Office of the college or university attended.

  • Major Declaration 
    Students should declare a major by the end of their sophomore year. Note that you may change your declared major after initial submission.


Graduate Forms

  • Add/Drop Form
    This form is required to drop or add a class after the fifth day of class, or drop a class after the 10th day and before the 11th week, and requires instructor and advisor signature.

  • Graduate Course Credit Transfer Petition
    Current graduate students who plan on taking a course elsewhere should complete this form and submit with a course description to the academic department for review.

  • Graduate Curriculum Change Request Form
    This form is required when you are changing your curriculum for one of the following reasons: earned a Master's degree and will be continuing on to a Doctoral Degree; in a Doctoral program and will be earning a Master's degree along the way; in a Ph.D. program and is leaving program with a Master's degree. 

  • Graduate Request for Full-Time Certification
    Students registered for less than 9 credits (i.e. students in Maintenance of Candidacy or completing degree requirements) must complete and submit a Full-Time Certification form to maintain full-time status. 

  • Program for Master's Degree
    This form is used to obtain final approval of all courses comprising the Master's degree.

  • Petition to the Standing of Graduate Students (SOGS) Committee
    Students who need an exception to a current policy may submit a petition to the SOGS Committee.