Student Record Proxy Access

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What is the Student Record Proxy Access System?

The student Record Proxy Access System is where your student will go to grant their parent or guardian access to their student records.  This individual is a proxy.  The different types of access that can be granted are below: 


Account Related Information

  • View Account Holds
  • Account Summary by Term
  • Registration Fee Assessment
  • Tax Notification

Financial Aid 

  • Financial Aid Message
  • Financial Aid Award
  • Cost of Attendance
  • Eligibility Requirements for Aid Year
  • Eligibility Requirements Display Tabs
  • Financial Aid Holds
  • Award Payment Schedule
  • Award Package By Aid Year
  • Award History
  • Overall Status of Financial Aid
  • Academic Progress

 General Info

  • View Address Information
  • Add Gold Plus via Bursar Account

Gold Plus Balance

  • Gold Plus Transaction History

 Grade Information

  • Final Grades
  • Mid-term Grades
  • Academic Transcript


  • Student Schedule By Day and Time
  • Student Detail Schedule


How does my student provide me with access to his or her records?

Your student will need to give you access to the Student Record Proxy Access system.  Instructions for granting access can be found here

How do I access the Student Record Proxy Access System?

Before you can access the system, your student needs to give you access.  When the student gives you access, you will receive an email with instructions on how to initially log on to the student record proxy access system.

After the initial login, you can go to to get into the system. If you have not received an email then reach out to your student and have them resend the email. 

My student has granted me Student Record Proxy Access, but I can't see any information? 

​If you do not see your student’s information, the first step is to contact your student.  Your student has granted you access, but needs to designate what secure information you have access to view. It is possible that your student has not authorized access to some secure areas. Students can grant access to the following secure areas: Accounts Receivable, Account Holds, Address, Financial Aid, Schedule, and Transcripts. (To view all of the specific areas, please refer to (“What is the Student Record Proxy Access System”).

If your student has authorized your access, it should appear almost immediately. If your student has granted you access and you are still unable to view secure information, you may contact the LTS - Help Desk (610-758-HELP) to help you troubleshoot. 

*Please be aware that students can grant or remove access at any time.

How long will I have Student Record Proxy Access?

You will retain student record proxy access as long as your student set you up for. Each student adds a start and end date of your access.