RAS COVID-19 FAQs - Fall 2020

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Last update: July 26, 2020

Please refer to our website for answers to general academic questions. 

Please refer to the Lehigh Coronavirus Information page to review measures Lehigh is taking to support the health and well-being of our campus.

Guidance specific to our international students continues to be made available by the Office of International Students and Scholars

Graduate students should also visit the FAQ page maintained by Deputy Provost Beth Dolan for additional information specific to graduate studies. 

Upcoming Fall 2020 Semester Key Dates

  • August 24 First Day of Class
  • September 1 : Last day for Web Registration
  • September 2 - 6: last week to add classes (procedure to be determined)

Additional key dates and deadlines can be found on our Academic Calendar. Students and faculty should be familiar with the upcoming dates and deadlines.

Accessing University Offices

Many Lehigh staff are working remotely, or on rotation, during the Fall 2020 term. Students are encouraged to use email to communicate with University staff and to conduct University-related business. 

Registration & Academic Services will accept electronic forms, PDF attachments, and scanned or photographed paperwork, at ras@lehigh.edu. Please consult the main University website to identify the best way to communicate with other specific offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to answer some of the most common questions received during the evolving COVID-19 situation. As the situation changes, we will update our frequently asked questions.

General Information

When do I have to make a final decision on whether I will attend on campus or remote-only?

Students must complete the Fall 2020 Modes of Learning and Tuition Reduction Survey by August 7th. If your decision changes you may change your responses until 4 p.m. August 21st by sending an email to emticket@lehigh.edu. You will receive an email confirmation containing a link to the survey.

Office Services

How can I submit paperwork if I’m unable to come to the office?

Registration & Academic Services will accept scanned or photographed paperwork via email at ras@lehigh.edu. If your paperwork requires approvals from University officials and you are unable to obtain physical signatures, you may include email approvals from those individuals when submitting your paperwork. We are currently working on adding an electronic signature option to many of our forms, and hope to have the updated forms available to campus in the near future.

How do I order a transcript?

Transcript requests are submitted online and are fulfilled by our provider, the National Student Clearinghouse. Since we are currently working remotely, students will not have the option to pick up transcripts from Registration & Academic Services, but all other delivery methods (mail, email, etc.) will continue. Refer to our Transcripts page for more information on requesting a transcript.

How do I obtain verification of my enrollment?

Enrollment verifications can always be obtained online, either through the National Student Clearinghouse, or by using our internal enrollment verification form. Be sure to review our Enrollment Verification page for more information.

I need to meet with someone, can that be arranged?

Yes, although we encourage you to arrange a meeting through Zoom. If you need to schedule an appointment to meet with someone in our offices, please email ras@lehigh.edu or contact RAS through the live chat for assistance.

If I attended another institution and have mailed a paper transcript to your office, will my transfer credit still be processed?

Since we are currently working remotely, there may be a delay in processing paper transcripts that have been mailed to our office. If the transfer credit is urgent, we recommend requesting an official, electronic transcript from the other institution (if available), sent to ras@lehigh.edu. We will do our best to continue processing documents sent to us electronically as quickly as possible. Refer to our Transfer Credit page for more information regarding University transfer credit policies and procedures.


General Academics

Lehigh remains committed to delivering a high-quality academic experience for our students. Though the realities of COVID-19 will mean that the academic year to come will be different than those that have before, we are confident that our faculty will be able to fully engage with, challenge and teach students in a way that will retain the essence of a Lehigh education.

Will my course be remote or on-campus?

The majority of our fall curriculum will be offered in a way that works both for those who are on campus and also for those who are unable to be present in our classrooms. Our flexible approach—in which some classes are fully remote, some in-classroom, and some a combination of both—will provide the high-quality education for which Lehigh is rightly known, and will ensure that students who need or want to learn remotely can participate fully in the Lehigh experience and make uninterrupted progress toward their degrees.

Check out our determine instructional methods/modalities for the Fall 2020 term.

How can I determine instructional methods/modailities for the Fall 2020?
Can I opt to attend remote-only in the Fall 2020 semester?

Yes. Review the course meeting times and attributes to determine the instructional method to be used during the fall semester.

Can I attend classes in person if I live nearby?

Yes. If your course has an on-campus component you may attend classes.

Since pacing break is cancelled, will the first part-of-term courses end as scheduled?

Yes, the first part of term courses will end as scheduled. Please review the academic calendar for specific dates.

Since pacing break is cancelled, will the second part of term courses start earlier?

Yes. Since the Thanksgiving break will begin earlier, the second part of term courses will begin Monday, October 14th Please review the academic calendar for other dates related to the second part of term.

Will the final exam schedule change to accomodate the University's courses taught remotely?

The schedule posted online will not be changed. 

Your instructor will make any decisions about how and when to adapt testing procedures to meet these expectations. Please contact your instructor to confirm the arrangements for your class.

I’m a graduate student and I have additional questions that are not addressed here. Who should I ask?

Graduate students should review the FAQ site established by Deputy Provost Beth Dolan for additional guidance on specifics related to graduate education. If you have additional questions, you can submit them on that website. 


Will there be an option for CR/DCR/NCR grading in the fall as there was in the spring?

No. Because the spring semester abruptly transitioned to remote learning, the CR/DCR/NCR grade option was offered to ease the stress of the transition to the remote learning environment. Since you are able to plan for the fall semester in advance, you should expect to earn a traditional letter grade for your courses.

Will my grade be impacted if I am unable to attend class?

Students should regularly communicate concerns about attendance and class participation with their instructor if they feel unwell regardless of the cause of your illness. Your instructor will be best equipped to discuss course completion options.