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Registration & Academic Services COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions




My child does not know how to give me access to his or her records.

​Instructions for granting access are sent via email to all students.  If your child no longer has this email and needs assistance, directions can be found under current students -> parent portal information for students.​

I’ve opened my account and can log into the portal, but I don’t see any of my child’s “secure” information.

​If you do not see your child’s information, the first step is to contact your child. Each student must grant his or her parent access to secure information. If your child has authorized your access, it should appear almost immediately. If your child has granted access and you are still unable to view secure information, you may contact Registration & Academic Services to troubleshoot. Be aware that students can grant or remove access at any time.

I only see some of the secure information that should be available to parents.

It is possible that your child has not authorized access to some secure areas. Students can grant access to the following secure areas: Account Receivable, Account Holds, Address, Financial Aid, Schedule, Transcripts.

My home address and/or email address is incorrect. How can I change it?

Your student will need to email Registration & Academic Services ( from his or her Lehigh email account to request this change. They should include the following in their change request:

  • Parent's username or LIN

  • Parent's current email or home address as shown in the Parent Portal

  • Parent's new email or home address for the Parent Portal

I didn’t receive a portal login.

First, call Registration & Academic Services 610.758.3200 to confirm that the correct address is on file for you. Once you have confirmed your address, you can request to receive a new LIN/PIN mailer which contains your login information.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your login information, visit

How long will I have access to the Parent Portal?

You will retain access to the parent portal throughout your child’s education at Lehigh, as long as you change your password when prompted every six months. You will have access to your child’s secure information until graduation.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by going to and following the instructions.

How do I open my Parent Portal if I have my LIN and PIN?

 The instructions for opening your account are available online at If you have any technical difficulites, please contact the Help Desk at 610.758.HELP or by email at