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Enrollment Verification

Students can obtain proof-of-enrollment certificates at no charge via the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service Online Enrollment Verification Portal. This will allow students to generate their own Enrollment Verifications for health/auto insurance providers, credit card, and other third party institutions. This is an official form provided by the institution to certify your enrollment for the current or past term(s).

To obtain a verification, log in to the National Student Clearinghouse Self-Service Online Enrollment Verification Portal. Once there, you can select "Obtain an enrollment certificate" for a printable enrollment verification form to send to your provider. There is no charge for using this service and the form is available immediately.

If you require verification beyond enrollment, expected graduation, or enrollment history, our office can verify degree/major/minor and current GPA information through our official Enrollment & Education Verification form. Requests for additional verifications should be submitted via email at ras@lehigh.edu. These requests typically require 3-5 business days for processing except during high volume times (the weeks surrounding the start and end of a semester).