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The Degree Audit enables you to review your progress on meeting your academic program requirements. It is a valuable tool for academic planning and course selection because it matches the courses you've taken (both at Lehigh and transfer work) to the requirements for your major/minor/degree. The degree audit is available online and can be run and reviewed as often as you'd like. Each time you request your degree audit online, the system retrieves your most current course information to match against your academic program requirements. You can also run a What-If Audit to select a different academic program to see how your courses can be used to fulfill a different major/minor/degree. 

The Degree Audit can be accessed online at

In addition to using the information available in the Degree Audit, you are encouraged to meet regularly with your academic advisor. The degree audit is not a substitute for required registration advising, completing official major/minor/degree declaration paperwork, or applying for graduation. These are the responsibilities of all students at Lehigh University. You should review your degree audit for planning prior to meeting with your advisor for registration advising. Also, although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the degree audit, you are responsible for meeting the requirements of your academic program as listed in the University Catalog.

The degree audit is not a student's official University academic record. The transcript is the official record of completed work.

If you have questions or problems with the Degree Audit, please use our online help request form for assistance. Please review our Degree Audit Instructional Guide prior to submitting a help request ticket.